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Richland Chambers Reservoir near Corsicana Texas

Membership is now required for camping or boat launch at Midway Landing
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Midway Landing
On the shores of Richland Chambers Reservoir Since 1986
903 599 2202
Camping & Fishing near Corsicana Texas 
Richland Chambers Reservoir

Please check our Policies and Rules Page as some have changed but all are enforced

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Lake Richland Chambers Quietest RV Camping, Boat ramp, Bank Fishing, B Fishing Reports and Guide service for all types of fish. Snowbirds  Welcome! ait, Drinks, Storage,
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Camping and Fishing Richland Chambers Reservoir

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Jesse Winters 10.02 Black Bass
Larry Winters And daughter Becky, SandbassLarry Winters 9.58 BassBecky Leatherman & Dad Larry Winters, Crappie

Polly& Jesse 143lbs of blue cats Largest 53lbs  

Midway Landing on Richland Chambers Reservoir Texas
We started building Midway Landing in 1985 near Corsicana Texas. A few years before Richland Chambers lake started to fill . I knew that it was important to get in a good boat ramp and build a protected cove. Also I wanted to get a jump on the competition ,  although it was several years before other campgrounds or marinas were built on Richland Chambers Reservoir. It did give me a chance to get the best customers first and WE DID ! I've found that letting my customers advertise for me I get the kind of campers and fisherpersons we all like. I consider Midway a fish'n camp, not a big fancy marina or a yacht club. We run a well maintained quite campground on Richland Chambers Reservoir and strictly enforce our rules to protect our customers . We have 30 acres and I live on the property so I keep a good eye on things. Some campers stay year-round on Richland Chambers lake others just show up when the fish are biting but that's OK (they bite often). Even if your not a great fisherman the people down here don't mind helping you do better. So come on down to Richland Chambers and give US a Try. The fishing and camping are great!

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Fishing and Camping on Richland Chambers Reservoir near Corsicana Texas 


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Richland Chambers Lake Information At  richlandchambers.org 


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