We'll keep this page simple for printing                             Midway Landing  903 599 2202

                                                From Houston:

Take I-45 north to the 211 exit at Streetman. That's about 20 miles north of Fairfield. Turn right on F.M.80.

In Streetman turn right on Bus.45. A few blocks down turn left on F.M.416. Go about 7 miles and turn left  on SE2370. Stay on the paved road till our next sign and your here.

                                             GPS-Lat:31deg57'11" Long:96deg14'59"


                                           From Dallas:

Take I-45 south about 20 miles south of Corsicana take the 213 exit that's the Streetman exit. Turn back

left over the hwy and turn right at the stop sign. That's Bus.45. Go about 2 miles through the town and you'll

see F.M.416. Turn left on 416 go about 7 miles and turn at SE2370. stay on paved

road about 2 miles turn left at our next sign and your here.


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