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We finally have a new lure even better than the Tailhummer!!! Plus we have the Rainbow Prism Slab that our anglers prefer over the Glitter Slab!
We are offering an Online price below our normal retail price these Humdinger lures and a new slab that are much better than the Tailhummer baits. These are great for catching Sandbass ( white bass )or Hybrid Strippers. These are 3/4 ounce they come in many color combinations and we have either the standard or glitter bodies. These baits are Made in the U.S.A.  These can be used to catch fish that are schooling on the surface or jigged off the bottom for Hybrid Stripers or White Bass.

Many anglers commonly mistake the Humdinger for the  TAILHUMMER tail spinners on the market today, and are immediately turned off by their past experiences and perceived limitations of this type of bait.

We are slowly changing that "mind-set" and proving that these baits are producing sizes, numbers, and all types of fish throughout the year for Hybrid Striper at any given depth or pattern.

The fact that all of the Humdinger are hand built using quality components to provide a product well worth your money, has helped with changing that perception.

We are now Handling the Rainbow Prism Slab which has been around long before the Glitter Slab.

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