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Richland Chambers Fish Photos from 2002 and before 

Richland Chambers Fishing Photos From Midway Landing

                         Click on fish for a larger view. Hit Back to return here.
Hover pointer over picture to get name and weight. New pictures weekly!
All of these Fish pictures from Richland Chambers Reservoir are taken of our customers here at Midway Landing.


10.6 BassKelly_Martin_9lb_bass_1.jpg (73698 bytes)  . Eddie Compton 2 Yellow Cats 37lbs & 36lbs  Lois Rangel & 38lb FlatheadFrank Moore & Doug Brown 31lb Yellow Cat 9/28/02Bobby Mathis 25lb Blue Cat



  j a price trotline blue cat.jpg (94593 bytes)roger_pruitt_2_5lb_goldfish.jpg (69604 bytes)edna pruitt jug line blue cats.jpg (113591 bytes)sherry compton.jpg (89151 bytes)Bill&Ivan mess of cats.JPG (75407 bytes)

Eddie_Compton_Crappie.JPG (74573 bytes)Eddie Compton 28lbflathead2.JPG (83098 bytes)Maeleen Vetuski 6_74 Bass.jpg (64029 bytes)Becky&Scott Leatherman limit of sandbass.jpg (98396 bytes)Hannah Leatherman&Grandpaw.JPG (87209 bytes)bob&larry spillers Caught on rod&reel with larrys help 42lb.jpg (86522 bytes)Bill&Blue More Bluecats.JPG (65800 bytes)

Pat Compton crappie.jpg (80858 bytes)Eddie Compton 47lb bluecat.JPG (85785 bytes)charles williams.jpg (72243 bytes)tommy redmon.jpg (60563 bytes)jim&vivian elliott and willie jackson.jpg (94912 bytes)Bill& Blue rod&reel Largest 40lbs.jpg (87903 bytes)Frank Moore&Doug Brown- Bluecats.JPG (85625 bytes)

Eddie-Compton-Blues&Channles.JPG (71328 bytes)Grant and James 10.5lb bass fishing with guide Stan LawhonDavid Want 7.50 bassjoshua wachob 10_12 bass.jpg (80971 bytes)Tammie Ginsel.JPG (64296 bytes)Cody Atchley 7.56 Bass

Bill Franklin 31lb & 18lb Blue Cat 10/24/02


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